ESL Mega Pack: ESL book bundle pack for teaching and learning!

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ESL Mega Pack: ESL book bundle pack for teaching and learning!

Nigel M Openshaw

"I have been a teacher for nearly ten years, and much material came with that. Here are the top three highly rated books in one purchase." Nigel

If you're an English teacher looking for practical and efficient lesson ideas, we recommend our English language lesson collection! Our low-prep activities, lasting between 30 and 90 minutes, can be modified to fit your schedule.

Are you prepared to improve your pupils' grammatical abilities and build their self-confidence? Here are the top three rated books that can be bought together.




BOOK 1: Comprehensive Lessons - ESL Classroom Grammar & Activities:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching 30 Fun and Educational English Grammar-Based Lessons and 30 Practical Activities


Every chapter offers concise directions and doable tasks for organized modules covering a variety of subjects, from discussing nations to creative designs, with crucial grammatical issues woven throughout. So whether your students begin each class with a worksheet or go into theory, you can effortlessly adapt each lesson to their requirements.


Here are just some of the 30 lessons to engage your students:

* Conquer cultures with conjunctions,

* Whip up culinary delights with present simple,

* Spruce up your drink designs with adjectives galore,

* Journey through time with past event journaling,

* Unravel nouns in thrilling comic adventures,

* Explore uncharted islands with countable nouns,

* Predict the future with excitement and anticipation,

* Navigate our town with prepositions and creativity.


You may use these courses as a starting point to create classes specific to your student's interests and requirements, giving them real-world access to use grammatical knowledge while seeing their self-confidence soar! Creating a pleasant learning environment in the classroom, extending learning outside the school, a dictionary of grammatical words, and other instructional materials are also covered.




BOOK 2: Intermediate English Discussion Topics:

ESL Speaking Activities To Help Build Up Confidence and Ability With Conversation Building, Basic Informal Sayings, and Start-Up Questions


It is simple to get started and remain on track since each chapter has a helpful To-do list and a Reference section with a list of materials.


This book can help with the following:

* Grow their speaking vocabulary,

* Improve conversation strategies,

* Develop conversational skills,

* Using synonyms for clarity,

* Explain slang and informal phrases,

* Develop follow-up skills.


It also includes commonplace, informal discussions. The book also strongly emphasizes nurturing growth inside and outside the classroom.




BOOK 3: Advanced English Discussion Topics:

ESL Speaking Activities for Teens and Adults To Build Confidence and Ability


This book can help with the following:

* Focus on expanding speaking vocabulary,

* Improve conversation strategies,

* Develop follow-up skills,

* Use adjectives effectively,

* Debate fact vs. opinion,

* Use informal phrases,

* Tackle moral dilemmas.


It also includes commonplace, informal discussions. It also focuses on improving the classroom atmosphere and taking learning outside the traditional four walls.




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Our lesson ideas are suited to both British and American audiences, and if your pupils are ready, we may use contractions along with formal language to ensure intelligibility. We also offer advice on making the lesson interesting whether you're working in a group, a duo, or alone.


So, grab this package, and let's get started!

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